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Our team is committed to being of service to our clients and to the community. With a focus on Family Law Litigation, Father's Rights, Estate Planning, and Small and Family Business Law, our team approaches every case with a philosophy that whole and complete families begin with whole and complete people.

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Office Without Walls

Office Without Walls ™ is a brand and business platform that has expanded to now include S.A. Stevenson Law Offices, LLC., Wills On Wheels, Inc, Office Without Walls ™ Virtual Office Solutions, and Office Without Walls ™ SASFit Practice.

Office Without Walls™ Virtual Office Solutions offers law firms and small business owners accessible and affordable virtual office staffing and other remote team building services to help them meet their business and wellness needs. Which allows law offices to operate bio-friendly offices amidst hazard crisis like COVID-19.

Office Without Walls™ Virtual Office Solutions is focused on supporting balanced lifestyles for both its corporate clientele and the contracted professionals who work diligently to address their needs with professionalism and poise.

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