Business Law

During the process of business formation, there are several types of situations that might arise. One could be a government case. The U.S. government is careful to oversee the commercial activity of businesses. They have a detailed guide to proper business practices on the Small Business Administration website. If you are struggling with finding the right attorney to represent your business during a legal case than we want to help you succeed. 

A Business Formation Attorney in Maryland identifies the State and Federal laws that apply to your particular business. They read about the laws carefully.. Winning a case requires having proper information and legal representatives in court. It is hard to win a legal case if there is not enough background information available to the court. That is where our attorneys can be helpful. They have experience with business and family law.


Our office has multiple locations for the convenience of our valued clients. Professional attorneys enjoy handling all sorts of cases. We are located near Washington D.C., so if you have a political problem in the district, our lawyers would be happy to help.

If you would like to chat with a representative from our office, be sure to call us at 301-795-2728. Office staff can answer serious questions that you might have about rates and requirements for succeeding in your case. Another wayto contact our office is by email at