Virtual & Mobile Options

Fully Hybrid: Mobile & Virtual Options

Since opening our doors five years ago, we have bragged a truly futuristic, hybrid business model. For most practice areas, clients can choose to interact with our office in-person, remotely or in-person at their home or office. Access to justice and the client experience are central focuses for our entire team. However we can make the process easier for you to understand and be a part of, we will.

Paperless Office & Office Without Walls ™

The courts continue to shift to e-file and MDEC processes. We are a fully paperless office and have been for over five years. The benefit to you is real time access to your file 24/7 without a need to keep track of letters and notices from us. Everything is stored safely and securely for your convenient online access. Hard copies are always available upon request.

Our Office Without Walls™ business model, reinforces the firm's focus on wellness and personal well-being. We advocate the same core values for our clients as we do for our team members. When you engage our team you engage a group who understands and prioritize values such as compassion, service, tolerance, self-care, dedication and loyalty.

What does that mean to you? As the client it means that we are always looking to make things easier and more accessible to you because we understand the value of a happy and healthy client. It also means that the firm’s management prioritizes the health and wellness of team members, and team members collectively pay that forward to the client through their quality of work.

Flat Fee Structure

We offer a flat fee billing structure to simplify the process for our valued clientele. We with each of our clients to develop a customized flat fee price for our legal services. Before ever starting a case, our clients know exactly what to expect with respect to billing to accomplish their objectives. Our team will develop a custom legal strategy for your individual situation and will discuss and agree to a flat fee structure for your case without any additional billing surprises. Unlike law firms that bill by the hour, our flat fee structure allows us to focus on you and your situation while expediting an effective resolution to your family law disputes.



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